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This Week In The Village

Wendy's past catches up to her and Meena plans a girly night out with Victoria. What could possibly go wrong?

Trouble For Wendy

Wendy’s shaken to find an angry Russ on her doorstep. 

Feeling bullied and conflicted, Wendy introduces Russ to Victoria.

Bob's a little thrown by Russ’s sudden appearance, especially because Wendy seems so unsettled. 

What exactly is he after?

Girly Night Out

David and Victoria are just getting over their awkwardness when Meena appears and invites Victoria to hang out with her. 

Meena promises David she’ll take excellent care of Victoria on their day out. 

That’s not in the least bit foreboding..! 

Ethan's News

Ethan’s one night stand comes back to haunt him. 

National Television Awards

VOTE NOW: Emile John is nominated as Best Newcomer in the National Television Awards

Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings