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Three Stories To Keep A Close Eye On In This Week's Emmerdale

There's more drama than you can shake a stick at in the village this week - here's what you need to be looking out for...

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1. Emmerdale Pride

Emmerdale is ready for Pride! And Andrea has booked an extra special guest to open the event.

To kick off proceedings, Ethan makes an eloquent speech that offers a message of acceptance for all on behalf of Emmerdale Pride and the church.

And then he welcomes a special guest to officially open Emmerdale's first prize - it's the Vivienne in all her glamour and glory!

2. Pollard's Torn

When Pollard notices Faith is struggling in pain, he kindly offers to take her to the hospital.

Brenda confides to David she’s feeling neglected by Pollard and prepares a romantic surprise for him. We're sure Eric helping Faith won't cause any trouble at all then...

Later, an exasperated Pollard explains to Faith that he won’t throw away his relationship with Brenda. What on earth has happened?

3. Meena Starts Meddling

Meena's jealous over how much time David is spending with Jacob. Will Manpreet give her a bright idea?

Meanwhile, David and Victoria have a lovely time bonding over babies.

So you can imagine how happy Meena will be when David cancels her fabulous dinner plans so he can spend time with Jacob.

We're sure she won't do anything stupid though... right?

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Weekday evenings