Weekday evenings

Vanessa Woodfield

Vanessa is Rhona’s “wild” friend from University. Self assured, resilient, plain speaking and intuitive, she often clashes with the Emmerdale residents and her best friends partner, Paddy.

Her lack of tact and personal confidentiality makes you presume that she would never fit in to Emmerdale…..but she has. Vanessa has spent her life flitting from job to job but this is the first time she feels at home and we get the feeling that she is here to stay. Vanessa likes a good night out and has eyed up some of the local eye-candy ie Andy Sugden, but she remains single.

Keywords to describe character: Spontaneous, bubbly.

Domestic Set: Smithy Cottage

Work Set: Emmerdale Veterinary Surgery (partner).

Relationships in show: Rhona (best friend), Paddy (best friends husband), Moira (friend).

Likes: Drinking wine, nature programmes, winding Paddy up.

Dislikes: Christenings, reptiles, losing bets.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? For Edna to like her.

And finally... Once had to give a Great Dane the lethal injection then keep it in her freezer until the fed-ex man could pick it up as the owner wanted him freeze-dried.

Weekday evenings