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Victoria Barton

Vanessa is stunned when Rhona comes clean to her about moving to France with Graham and implores her not to tell Marlon.

Victoria is the only remaining true Sugden in Emmerdale. She has a very close relationship with her step-mother Diane and her adopted brother Andy.

Previously she was easily led by her peers but she now knows how to stand up for herself and her best friend Amy. She is honest and not afraid to use her sharp wit. She never seems to be single, and loves to boss around her boyfriends. She’s certainly got her head screwed on - juggling two jobs, and even willing to live with pensioners to get a deal on buying her own home.

Keywords to describe character:Fun, sarcastic, out-spoken, confident.

Domestic Set:Keepers Cottage with Betty and Alan (Victoria bought the house from Betty, but part of the agreement was to let her live out her days there).

Work Set:The B&B (Waitress/Cleaner) and David's shop.

Relationships in show:Andy (brother), Diane (step-mum), Amy (friend), Adam (boyfriend), Eric (employer), Val (employer)

First appearance:31st March 1994 - first appearance of Victoria played by Isabel was the 12th October 2006.

Awards / Nominations:At the 2009 British Soap Awards Isabel was nominated for Best Young Performance and also won the Spectacular Scene of the Year award for Victoria falling through the ice.

Favourite line: "I need this kind of hassle like a swan needs an ipod"

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc:Born with a hole in the heart, appendicitis in 2003, bus crash of 2004, her and Billy drove into a river in 2007, Victoria setting fire to Tenants in 2007 and nearly drowned in 2009. Likes: Socialising, having a boyfriend.

Dislikes: Fire, deep water.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? An easy life? Never wants to leave Emmerdale.

And finally...Victoria used to have an imaginary friend called Walter.

Weekday evenings