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Video preview: Mon 15 Jan 7pm

Monday's preview clip: Moira, unable to live with the guilt, confesses to Ross that she murdered Emma. Elsewhere in the Village...

  • Robert struggles

  • Things are critical

See MORE preview clips on the week's biggest stories:Mon 15 Jan 7pm: Moira comes CLEAN! (preview clip)Tue 16 Jan 7pm: Ross feels LOST (preview clip)Wed 17 Jan 7pm: The Dingles NEW neighbour (preview clip)Thu 18 Jan 7+8pm: Debbie has a PLAN (preview clip)Fri 19 Jan 7pm: Marlon is MORTIFIED (preview clip)

The National Television Awards 2018 is now open for shortlist voting. Check out which categories we've been nominated in before you vote for Emmerdale on the National Television Awards website!

Best Serial DramaEmmerdale

Best Serial Drama PerformanceDanny Miller

Best NewcomerNed Porteous

Voting closes at 12pm on Tuesday 23 January, so get your vote in!

New year, new drama...watch the incredible big January trailer:

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Weekday evenings