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Video preview: Thu 20 Oct 7pm

Thursday's 7pm preview clip: Ashley emotionally forgets it's his daughter Dotty's christening he's attending. Throughout the episode...

  • It’s the Christening!

  • Ashley is confused.

  • Events converge...

See MORE preview clips on the week's biggest stories:Mon 17 Oct 7pm: Robert PROPOSES to Aaron? (preview clip)Tue 18 Oct 7pm: Rhona LIES to Pierce (preview clip)Wed 19 Oct 7pm: James tries to ESCAPE! (preview clip)Thu 20 Oct 7pm: Ashley FORGETS Dotty (preview clip)Thu 20 Oct 8pm: TOP SECRET! More to come...Fri 21 Oct 7pm: TOP SECRET! More to come...

There's no going back past the point of #NoReturn. Who will take their last dance this October:

Who will waltz into epic danger? Go behind the scenes of the filmic October promo:

The National Television Awards 2017 is now open for the first round of voting.

Check out which categories we've been nominated in before you vote for Emmerdale on the National Television Awards website.

Here's the Emmerdale longlist :Best Serial DramaEmmerdale

Best Serial Drama NewcomerEmily Head (Rebecca White)

Best Serial Drama PerformanceCharlotte Bellamy (Laurel Thomas)Danny Miller (Aaron Dingle)Gillian Kearney (Emma Barton)John Middleton (Ashley Thomas)Matthew Wolfenden (David Metcalfe)Natalie J Robb (Moira Dingle)

The first round in voting closes at 12am on Sunday 23 October, so get your vote in!

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Weekday evenings