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Video preview: Thu 21 Jul 8pm

Thursday's 8pm preview clip: Lisa and Belle are shocked when Zak and Joanie make the wedding announcement, asking Charity if they can hold the reception in the pub. Elsewhere in the Village...

  • Moira struggles to hold it together!

  • Rakesh and Pierce go head to head...

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The Inside Soap Awards 2016 is now open for voting. Check out which categories we've been nominated in before you vote for Emmerdale on the I

Best Actor:John MiddletonDanny MillerMatthew Wolfenden

Best Actress:Charlotte BellamyZoe HenryLucy Pargeter

Best Bad Boy:Jeff HordleyMichael Parr

Best Bad Girl:Emma AtkinsGillian Kearney

Funniest Male:Mark CharnockMatthew Wolfenden

Funniest Female:Samantha GilesLaura Norton

Best Newcomer:Isobel SteeleJonathan Wrather

Best Young Actor:Amelia FlanaganIsobel Steele

Sexiest Male:Jeff HordleyMichael Parr

Sexiest Female:Gemma AtkinsonAmy Walsh

Best Partnership:Ryan Hawley & Danny MillerNicola Wheeler & Nick Miles

Best Show-Stopper:Flashback episode to Robert’s shootingWedding day helicopter crash

Best Shock Twist:Ross is alive!Val dies in the hall of mirrors!

Best Exit:Charlie HardwickShirley Stelfox

Best Soap:Emmerdale

Voting closes at 5pm on Monday 15 August, so get your vote in!

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings