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Video preview: Wed 23 Jan 7pm

Wednesday's preview clip: Bob searches for his wallet in The Woolpack cellar. He left it when he was sleeping there. Charity and Chas confront him. He rants at them and is sacked from his job. Can his life get any worse?. Elsewhere in the Village...

  • Fraught Moira looks for answers...

  • Victoria’s plan backfires!

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The National Television Awards 2019 is now open for shortlist list voting. Check out which categories we've been nominated in before you vote for Emmerdale on theNational Television Awards website!

Best Serial DramaEmmerdale

Best Serial Drama PerformanceEmma AtkinsLucy Pargeter

Best NewcomerJames Moore

Voting closes on Tuesday 22 January, so get your vote in!

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Weekday evenings