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What's your favourite Emmerdale moment?

All About Soap are asking you to vote for your favourite soap moments from the last 12 months.

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Voting closes on Friday 6th February.

And the nominees are...

Robbie, Declan and Charity on the boat

Emmerdale went proper full-on horror film in the climax to Declan’s revenge plot on Charity. Dec tried to finish off his deceitful wife, but it was tragic hero Robbie who copped it when he came to save the day –and got a flare in the face for his trouble! Ouch!

Re-watch the moment and vote Robbie, Declan and Charity now:

Donna's death

Dying Donna ended up making the ultimate sacrifice during a dodgy job with gangster lover Ross. Her plummet from the top of a car park roof was one of the most dramatic Dales deaths we’ve ever seen!

Re-watch the moment and vote Donna now:

Donna's video for April

Donna’s story was full of tearjerking moments, but none more so than this one. Knowing she didn't have long left to live, Donna recorded a video for little daughter April telling her just how much mummy loved her...

Re-watch the moment and vote Donna now:

Belle jumps off the roof

Young Belle came out of prison a changed girl after serving time for accidentally killing pal Gemma – her fragile state of mind taking hold as she threw herself off the cricket pavilion roof!

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Robert kisses Aaron

Out of nowhere, randy rotter Rob snogged the face off cutie Aaron igniting a forbidden fling behind fiancée Chrissie’s back. We’re still reeling from this saucy twist!

Re-watch the moment and vote Robert and Aaron now:

Bernice stops the wedding

The scene was set for a perfect Christmas Day wedding for childhood sweethearts Andy and Katie – until Andy’s ex Bernice got blotto and decided to fight for her man by stealing the bride’s dress and turning up to the church wearing it! Comedy. Gold.

Re-watch the moment and vote Bernice now:

Kerry and Dan's wedding disaster

Lovable duo Kerry and Dan finally got to their big day complete with Big Fat Gypsy Wedding style flourishes... but there was a big surprise in store at the reception when an uninvited guest turned up – none other than Kerry’s husband! Turns out Kezza forgot she was already hitched – d’oh!

Re-watch the moment and vote Kerry and Dan now:

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