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Zak Dingle

Zak is the patriarch of the Emmerdale Dingles. He is the caring grandfather, protective father and a devoted husband.

Formerly a scrap dealer and pig farmer but he used to find time for a few harmless scams and a quiet pint at The Woolpack. He now works on Moira’s farm, and odd-job man. Previously, he has had a propensity to violence but he following a mental breakdown over his guilt for one action he has realised that this is not the way to sort out trouble. That being said, he has an ingrained mistrust of the establishment and any problems the Dingle's face, they are sorted out by Dingle Law.

Keywords to describe character: Patriarch, proud, noble, traditional working class with a strong sense of correct right or wrong.

Domestic Set: Wishing Well Cottage

Work Set: Butler's Farm

Relationships in show: Lisa (wife), Sam (son), Cain (son), Belle (daughter) and a whole host of other relatives.

First appearance: 20th October 1994

Favourite line: "I was brought up to argue with my fists. And once you're the hard man. You're the hard man until you die. Even when it comes to your own".

No of wives, children, car crashes, etc: 2 wives (Nellie and Lisa), 7 children

Likes: Poaching, having a flutter on the horses, family do's, being the boss.

Dislikes: Toff's, any boy interested in Belle.

If they could have one wish, what would it be? A hassle free life...

And finally... Zak was once the bare-knuckled boxing champion of the dales.

Weekday evenings