The Hopes

Bob Hope

Bob Hope is played by Tony Audenshaw

Bob is a bit of ladies' man and has been married seven times in total to five different women... An ex-salesman, Bob is a joker and full of bright ideas, previously not all fruitful,

Brenda Walker

Brenda Walker is played by Leslie Dunlop

Brenda is a fun-loving, bubbly character whose ability to say the things that everybody is thinking often leave people speechless. She’s the adoptive mother of Gennie Walker partner of Bob Hope and joint owner of the Café ensuring that she is connected to many areas of Emmerdale.

Cathy & Heath Hope

Cathy and Heath Hope.

When Viv finally found out she was pregnant, Bob did not want another child because of the death of his daughter Dawn But Bob stopped Viv having an abortion. Cathy and twin-brother Heath were born amongst classic Soap drama. They were born in a shed in the moors and delivered by the village vet, Paddy Kirk.