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    Next Week On Emmerdale!

    There's a break-in at The Woolpack, Paddy doesn't want Chas to get into business with Al and Gabby asks Liam to elope

    Elizabeth Estensen decides to retire from Emmerdale

    After twenty two years playing matriarch Diane Sugden actress Elizabeth Estensen has decided to retire from Emmerdale. 

    What To Do If Your Child Has Been Bullying Others

    Finding out that your child has been involved with bullying can be really difficult.

    Next Week On Emmerdale

    Cathy comes clean to April, Matty is hurt and Moira wants compensation! Plus: Bob's mistake might have caused a permanent rift in the family.

    Colin Baker Is Coming To The Dales!

    Acclaimed actor Colin Baker will make a cameo appearance in Emmerdale later this month.

    The Siege!

    Russ holds Victoria, Wendy and David at gunpoint!

    Emmerdale Previews

    Russ's tone darkens when he's left alone with Wendy.

    Preview: Next week in Emmerdale!

    Tracy walks out, Victoria's in danger and Ethan gets some bad news!

    This Week In The Village

    Wendy's past catches up to her and Meena plans a girly night out with Victoria. What could possibly go wrong?

    Casting Announcement: Jessie Elland

    Jessie Elland joins the Village as 'Chloe', the sister of Sarah Sugden's heart donor.

    National Television Awards 2021

    The next round of the National Television Awards have been announced and we're thrilled to have been shortlisted!

    Preview: Next Week In Emmerdale!

    Leyla drops herself in it, Meanwhile, Victoria's good deed may be landing her in a lot of trouble!

    What To Do If You're Being Cyberbullied

    Here are some top tips about what to do if you're being cyberbullied

    Previews: Next Week On Emmerdale!

    Mack gets nervous as Charity snoops around the house AND Aaron can't decide if he's made the right decision

    Previews: Coming Up Next Week

    Take a look at what's coming up next week!

    What To Do If Your Child Is Being Bullied

    Finding out that your child is being bullied can be really upsetting and no-one should have to go through what April is dealing with right now.

    Mark Charnock Interview

    Mark Charnock talks about the bullying storyline that Emmerdale is currently exploring.

    Help And Support

    If you have been affected by April's bullying story, there are organisations that can offer advice and support.

    Previews: Coming Up On Emmerdale

    Meena fears discovery, meanwhile the trolling intensifies for April.

    Previews: Next Week On Emmerdale

    Next week: Jimmy's guilty conscience threatens to get the better of him. Meanwhile, it looks like Faith might have to come clean to Chas.

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