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Picture preview: Mon 1st - Friday 5th July

Victoria comes face-to-face with Lee's Mum, Wendy, who asks why she's been spreading 'lies' about her son.

Coming up in the Village: Victoria is confronted by Wendy, Lee's Mum, Eric challenges Bear to a fight, Brenda and Doug hit a rough-patch, David tries to get through to Jacob and human bones are found at the school...

Picture preview: Mon 24th June - Fri 28th June

When April, Jessie and Marlon return home early from the village football match, Max appears. He hold them at gun-point while he waits for Billy to arrive.

Coming up in the Village: Billy gets involved with an armed siege, Dawn goes to see Lucas, Jai and Laurel get closer, Chris Kamara makes an appearance and a single gunshot leaves someone fighting for their lives...