Eat Them To Defeat Them

Peppers across the nation: 'Get souped'

Kids and vegetables, we’re all familiar with tears over tomatoes and grumbles over cauliflower. But now the tables have turned, the nation’s little warriors realise they have a job to do - they have to Eat Them To Defeat Them.

Say goodbye to moaning at mealtimes because kids across the land are telling this week’s veg of the week to, “Get souped”. Those peppers better watch out!

Why not whiz up a red pepper soup, slice yellow peppers into a cheese quesadilla recipe, or sizzle green pepper in a veggie stir fry with yummy noodles. There are so many delicious way to eat and defeat peppers.

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Not on our patch!

It's crunch time as the clever cabbage tries to take over the land. They won't "leaf" us be, until we Eat Them To Defeat Them. Not on our patch, cabbage.

Whether you're boiling them, sizzling them in a stir-fry, or stuffing them, these leafy greens need to be seen. Get sharing your cabbage defeating snaps on Instagram and Twitter.

Time to mash 'em up

Eat Them To Defeat Them

They’re colourful, tasty and easy to sneak in to kids’ recipes. But butternut squash better watch out… as it’s this week’s Eat Them To Defeat Them veg of the week.

All you have to do is mash ‘em up. This versatile veg can blended in to pies, baked as fries, and added to risotto and hummus.

So what are you waiting for? Getting defeating those vegetables, and remember to share your victorious Eat Them To Defeat Them snaps on Instagram.

Forks at the ready!

Cauliflower is a big and bold vegetable, luckily kids have their forks at the ready, all set to Eat Them To Defeat Them.

Often seen as a bit bland, cauliflower can be an unpopular veg at meal times with kids. But did you know that there are plenty of ways to turn boring into brilliant?

This versatile veg can be cooked creatively for little ones: try cauliflower breadsticks, cheesy cauliflower and yummy cauliflower puree.

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Gino's vegetable and Asiago cheese frittata

Defeating the vegetables is no mean feat, as peas step up to the plate kids across the nation are hap-pea to Eat Them To Defeat Them. Find out how to find peas on earth with Gino's vegetable and Asiago cheese frittata.

Getting greens into family meal times has never been easier with this delicious dish. Containing several different green vegetables as well as potatoes and cheese, this frittata is flavoursome, nutritious and substantial.

It’s best served hot, with the Asiago cheese oozing, but don’t throw away any leftovers as it can also be eaten cold. If you can’t find Asiago, use Brie instead.

Serve with a crisp green salad.

You’re going down peas

Will there be “peas” on earth? Not this week, they may be small but peas are bursting with vitamin c and K and they can certainly pack a punch with all their green goodness.

Luckily kids across the land are all set to Eat Them To Defeat Them. You’re going down peas.

The broccoli invasion begins

Broccoli aka the mini trees of the vegetable world, are sprouting out across the land and kids need to Eat Them To Defeat Them. As the battle of the broccoli begins, the nation’s little warriors can be ‘broc’ stars and capture them all by eating them.

Whether you’re serving them fresh and steamed, chopped up into mac ‘n’ cheese, drizzled in garlic butter, or toasty and roasty with sweet potatoes - there’s plenty of ways to Eat Them To Defeat Them.

How are you helping defeat the veg? Some kids have taken matters into their own hands creating fun characters out of veggies. Share your vegetable defeating pics on Instagram and Twitter with #EatThemToDefeatThem. Together we can chop 'em down.