Episode two: Siena - Asciano

Gino’s next rail journey will take him on a trip of a lifetime, through the wonderful Tuscan countryside on a historic steam train - Treno Natura.

Run by ex-railroad men and volunteers, this special tourist train, sets off from beautiful Siena and chugs through the most picturesque natural beauty spots Tuscany has to offer.

It stops is in the town of Asciano where the locals try and compete with Siena’s famous Palio horse race, but here they ride donkeys!

Gino joins the jockeys for a training session and after a quick practice ride, decides he’s better off cooking - this time he makes a traditional local dessert called panforte.

After getting the train back to Siena, Gino’s final stop is North of the city in the Chianti region at a vineyard which not only makes wine, but they also bathe in it!

Vinotherapy is an ancient tradition, dating back to Roman times which Francesco and his family have revived.

After a luxurious wine bath and a glass of Chianti, Gino cooks up a dish fit for any Roman Emperor - farfalle pasta with funghi and spinach.

The recipes are all taken from Gino's new book - click here for more information.