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Episode 3 preview: Conero Riviera

The next stage of Gino’s journey along the Adriatic Coast brings him to an area he has never visited before, the hidden gem of the Conero Riviera. This 22 mile stretch of dramatic coastline is a place of lush mountains, turquoise waters and rolling vineyards. It’s even hailed as the new Tuscany!

Gino visits an ancient vineyard where Marco and his family have been making the local speciality Rosso Conero for more than 400 years. After seeing how the wine is made, the chef creates a sumptuous chocolate fruit celebration.

Next, Gino heads to the medieval town of Castelfidardo, the Italian birthplace of the accordion, before taking to the water to get a spectacular view of Two Sisters cove. It’s with this backdrop that he cooks the classic Italian version of Macaroni cheese - paccheri quattro formaggi.

Episode 2 preview: Ravenna and San Marino

Gino samples Ravenna’s speciality, the Piadina - a hot filled flatbread

Gino heads south along the Adriatic and visits Ravenna, famed for its byzantine mosaics, where he meets local artist, Romina Castiglione, and puts his mark on a new work commissioned by a church in the Middle East.

Hopping on a bike, which is the best way to get round Ravenna’s pedestrianised streets, he visits the oldest restaurant in the city, which is famous for its piadina - a hot filled flatbread. Here he has a go at making various versions of the sandwich with his own fillings.

The chef then heads south to San Marino. Clinging to the top of a mountain, this is the oldest and fifth smallest nation in the world. With incredible views, he cooks up a delicious panettone pudding using some of San Marino’s finest honey, one of a number of products made in the republic that are protected and can only be bought there.

Crab and prosecco linguine

If somebody asked me, "what would be your dream place to cook?" Well, the answer is very simple: Venice. And you cannot come to Venice without opening a bottle of prosecco. I'll be using it, along with the crab I bought at the Rialto market, to create a mouth-watering linguine dish.