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Episode 8: Bergamo - Iseo

Gino makes his final train journey of the series

Tonight Gino’s railway adventure takes him to picturesque Lake Iseo. Often overshadowed by it’s big sisters, Garda and Como, Lake Iseo is a real hidden gem.

After getting the train from Bergamo Gino starts his day out on the lake fishing for sardines, surrounded by the beautiful mountains.

He takes his catch and prepares a dish of grilled sardines for passengers on a very special train - Treno dei Sapore.

Episode seven: Milan - Treviglio - Bergamo

Gino cooks traditional Milanese Veal

Gino’s journey begins in the Italian capital of fashion - Milano! Here he visits a local institution, an elegant cocktail bar who were the first to introduce the idea of the aperitivo in Milan.

Milan Central is one of the busiest train stations in Europe and it is the epitome of Fascist grandeur - an impressive starting point for Gino’s train journey to the town of Treviglio.

Treviglio is the home of Bianchi bikes, the first mass manufactured bicycle in the world. Gino gets an exclusive tour inside the factory before test riding one of their latest electric bikes alongside a group of local cyclists.

Episode six: Pisa - Florence

Gino rustles up asapagus and beer chicken this week

This week Gino’s train journey takes him on a star-studded line up of Tuscan cities, starting off in Pisa the city famed for its leaning tower, it is also the home of the iconic Vespa scooter.

What better way to explore the city than on two wheels, before hopping on the train towards the medieval city of Lucca, the birthplace of opera composer Puccini.

Gino meets master craftsmen Fabio and learns about the art of violin making before rustling up a vegetarian dish of asparagus two ways.

Episode five: Garda - Bolzano

Gino visits one of Italy's most famous lakes

Gino re-starts his journey in Garda, the biggest of the Italian lakes where he meets a team of rowers training for their annual regatta.

The race stemmed from the lake’s ancient fishing tradition, when the fishermen would race out on their longboats to reach the best fishing spots.

After trying his hand at rowing, Gino cooks up a hearty sausage and bean casserole before jumping on the train and heading North towards the Dolomites.

Episode four: Bologna - Verona

Meatballs and bread is a traditional Italian snack

This week Gino’s starting his journey in Italy’s food capital - Bologna! Before jumping on the train he picks up a snack for his journey, a Bolognese classic, and a childhood favourite for Gino - panino with mortadella.

His train journey takes him north towards Mantova, Italy's rice growing region where he helps out in the rice paddies before cooking at one of the oldest rice festivals in Italy. Here the rice masters prepare over 30 thousand portions of rice, and Gino’s making his own dessert version, chocolate rice pudding!

Episode three: Cinque Terre

The scenery along the Cinque Terre coastline is out of this world

Next Gino is visiting the jewel of the Italian Riviera - the Cinque Terre.

Only accessible by boat or by train, these five breathtaking towns cling to the cliff edges and offer a truly magical rail journey along the Mediterranean sea.

His first stop brings him to the smallest town, Corniglia, to meet an opera singing florist on market day before hopping back on the train to Manarola.

Episode two: Siena - Asciano

Gino gets into the saddle but decides he's better at cooking

Gino’s next rail journey will take him on a trip of a lifetime, through the wonderful Tuscan countryside on a historic steam train - Treno Natura.

Run by ex-railroad men and volunteers, this special tourist train, sets off from beautiful Siena and chugs through the most picturesque natural beauty spots Tuscany has to offer.

It stops is in the town of Asciano where the locals try and compete with Siena’s famous Palio horse race, but here they ride donkeys!

Episode one: Breil-Sur-Roya to Turin

Gino achieves a lifelong dream in episode one

Gino’s back in his home country of Italy, but this time he’s experiencing it like never before! In this series he’s travelling on Italy’s railways, taking in some spectacular scenery on some of the most scenic train journeys in Europe.

Tonight he’s starting his epic journey across the border, in Breil-Sur-Roya, France, and arriving in Italy in style on a train journey that takes him right through the Alps.

In Italy, he’ll meet a local doctor who does his rounds on horseback, through vineyards and hazelnut groves, where Gino will prepare a scrumptious chocolate cheesecake.