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Episode 8 preview: Santa Maria di Leuca

While in Santa Maria Di Leuca, at the tip of Italy’s heel, Gino cooks a classic saffron risotto

After 700 miles on the road, Gino finally reaches the end of his Adriatic journey. But before reaching the very tip of the heel of Italy’s boot, he stops off at the small town of Roca and cools off in the crystal clear waters.

After a short journey, he reaches Santa Maria di Leuca and and meets the priest of Puglia’s most southerly church, later cooking him a classic saffron risotto topped with balsamic chicken.

This area is famous for its enormous waterfall which cascades down from the church during public holidays. Gino gets the chance to turn the switch and release thousands of litres of water into the Adriatic below!

Finally, for the last dish of the series - and with the sea and white sandy beaches as a backdrop, Gino cooks locally caught swordfish with rosemary sautéed potatoes and tangy gremolata.

Episode 7 preview: Alberobello and Lecce

This week Gino reaches the town of Alberobello with its cone-shaped Trulli houses. Here he gets a lesson in making the local pasta, orecchiette, which means ‘little ears’ due to its shape.

Next he heads to the city of Lecce, which is known as the 'Florence of the South' thanks to its stunning baroque architecture. Gino finds out about two local traditions; cartapesta and the Pizzica dance. There's also a surprise in store for him!

Leaving Lecce, the chef returns to the dramatic coast to create a chicken skewers dish with a sticky marinade and a healthy bean and fennel salad.

Episode 6 preview: Masseria and Ostuni

Gino's version of Italy’s most famous dessert, tiramisu

Gino now is now deep in the Puglian countryside and exploring the stunning Itria Valley. Here, the chef explores a 'masseria' (farmhouse), which has 2,000 olive trees, and samples the product. Inspired by the flavour, he a simple pasta dish - spaghetti al peperoncino, which has just five ingredients.

Ten miles south is the charming town of Cisternino, where butchers barbecue their meat for you. Gino meets family butcher Enzo, who cooks him up the local speciality 'bombette', before moving on to the dazzling city of Ostuni. Here he takes a tour on a Segway before before creating his version of Italy’s most famous dessert, tiramisu.

Episode 5 preview: Gargano and Polignano a Mare

Gino's classic parmigiana di melanzane using caciocavallo

Gino enters the magnificent mountain range of Gargano National Park. Here he heads to a special farm which makes a local cheese, caciocavallo, the same way they have for centuries. After a lesson in cheese-making from a local master, Gino prepares a classic parmigiana di melanzane.

He then travels 120 miles south to the extraordinary town of Polignano A Mare, which teeters 30 meters above a maze of sea caves and has become the international home of cliff diving. Gino wants to have a go, but can he make the jump?

This is the only part of the Adriatic where the locals have historically eaten more meat than fish, so Gino creates a hearty healthy one-pot lamb stew.

Episode 4 preview: Tremiti Islands

Gino leaves the mainland of Italy behind and takes to the skies to visit the remote Islands of Tremiti, 22 miles off the coast in the middle of the Adriatic.

In the Middle Ages, Benedictine Monks were the only settlers, but it’s now home to a small community of around 300 families.

On the largest island, San Domino, Gino collects wild herbs which grow in abundance. Then, using the morning's catch, he creates a delicious fish kebab, Robinson Crusoe-style on the beach.

The chef then explores the other inhabited Tremiti island, San Nicola, which is just a 5 minute boat ride from San Domino. Here, using more freshly picked local herbs, he cooks up his own twist on a classic Italian steak dinner.

Episode 3 preview: Conero Riviera

Gino creates an Italian version of macaroni cheese - paccheri quattro formaggi

The next stage of Gino’s journey along the Adriatic Coast brings him to an area he has never visited before, the hidden gem of the Conero Riviera. This 22 mile stretch of dramatic coastline is a place of lush mountains, turquoise waters and rolling vineyards. It’s even hailed as the new Tuscany.

Gino visits an ancient vineyard where Marco and his family have been making the local speciality Rosso Conero for more than 400 years. After seeing how the wine is made, the chef creates a sumptuous chocolate fruit celebration.

Next, Gino heads to the medieval town of Castelfidardo, the Italian birthplace of the accordion, before taking to the water to get a spectacular view of Two Sisters cove. It’s with this backdrop that he cooks the classic Italian version of macaroni cheese - paccheri quattro formaggi.

Episode 2 preview: Ravenna and San Marino

Gino samples Ravenna’s speciality, the Piadina - a hot filled flatbread

Gino heads south along the Adriatic and visits Ravenna, famed for its byzantine mosaics, where he meets local artist, Romina Castiglione, and puts his mark on a new work commissioned by a church in the Middle East.

Hopping on a bike, which is the best way to get round Ravenna’s pedestrianised streets, he visits the oldest restaurant in the city, which is famous for its piadina - a hot filled flatbread. Here he has a go at making various versions of the sandwich with his own fillings.

The chef then heads south to San Marino. Clinging to the top of a mountain, this is the oldest and fifth smallest nation in the world. With incredible views, he cooks up a delicious panettone pudding using some of San Marino’s finest honey, one of a number of products made in the republic that are protected and can only be bought there.

Episode 1 preview - Venice and Burano

Fresh crab from the world famous Rialto market

In the first episode of the new series, Gino begins his epic 700 mile Adriatic journey in Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Of course, the best way to enjoy Venice is from the water, so Gino takes a tour around the labyrinth of canals with one of the city's youngest gondoliers, Riccardo. After tasting some of the more unusual flavour combinations of Venetian tapas, the chef visits the city's oldest working boatyard, where gondolas are built and repaired as they have been for centuries. And amongst all this, he cooks up his version of some Venetian 'cicchetti'.

After heading to the world-famous Rialto market for fresh crab, Gino takes a trip across the lagoon to the tiny island of Burano, famous for its brightly coloured fisherman cottages. Here he meets local designer Lorenzo and he has a lesson in lace making before heading back to Venice to cook up a delicious dish of linguine with crab and prosecco, which is enjoyed with a spectacular view of the Grand Canal.