Episode 3 preview: Tuscany and Lazio

Gino shares more delicious recipes

Forget vineyards and cypress trees, Gino reveals the hidden Tuscany with its beaches and traditional cowboys. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Gino saddles up and joins the cowboys to learn their centuries old traditions, before hosting a beach BBQ blowout.

Gino’s next stop is in the region of Lazio via an ancient Roman highway before stopping off at the home of every Italian’s favourite olive, Gaeta. Here he learns how to make this little town’s signature street food before cooking up a feast on the shores of the picturesque town.

Chocolate, pistachio & almond cake

Capri is the number one island to visit in Italy, and this is one of its fabulous specialities - torta caprese. It's a gloriously rich chocolate cake with nuts, and beautifully sums up the simplicity and elegance of this glittering island. Serve with a little glass of vin santo.

Episode 2 preview: Sorrento and Capri

Torte caprese is on the menu this week

Continuing his Culinary odyssey along the Mediterranean coast, Gino sails to the no 1 island to visit in Italy - beautiful Capri - to sample the Dolce Vita, meeting the man who made his name photographing the Iconic first lady, Jackie Kennedy. While there, he also unearths the origins of Italy’s most famous digestivo.

Back on the mainland, Gino goes in search of a unique little ingredient that packs a punch in the culinary world, and creates two show-stopping dishes along the way.

Gino's take on beef wellington is a treat for the tastebuds

Episode 1 preview: The Amalfi coast

Gino creates two typical dishes from the Amalfi coast

Tonight Gino kicks off his epic journey in the middle of the boot, on the stunning Amalfi coast.

Join Gino as he visits picture postcard Positano, sails along the Amalfi coast and uncovers food traditions that are being kept alive by the locals.

Gino then creates mouthwatering yet stunningly simple dishes so you too can get a taste of the beautiful Amalfi coast.

Gino makes regional speciality ndunderi