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'Coronavirus felt like I had razors in my throat' - Matt Hancock promises 100,000 tests a day

Matt Hancock reaffirmed his promise to deliver 100,000 coronavirus tests a day by the end of this month.

The Health Secretary confirmed the government has pledged to test 100,000 people a day by the end of April but first it needs to validate the legitimacy of the tests.

Hancock repeated the phrase heard from several government ministers that 'no test is better than a bad test'.

He said that he has already had to refuse to purchase a number of tests because they have failed to pass regulations for accuracy.

Joe Wicks reveals he's raised $100,000 for the NHS in just one week

Joe Wicks has raised nearly $100,000 for the NHS from his at-home PE lessons in just a single week.

Wicks, in his new found role as the nation's PE teacher, has been putting daily exercise classes on Youtube for people to keep fit and healthy during the coronavirus lockdown.

After pledging to donate all the advertising revenue from Youtube, Wicks revealed exclusively to Piers and Susanna that the total has hit nearly $100,000 from just seven videos.

Wicks confirmed that every penny he makes from the daily PE lessons going forward will be donated to the NHS.

Best of British: How the country is helping each other through the coronavirus lockdown

After hearing how actor James McAvoy had donated £275,000 for more protective equipment for NHS, Dr Hilary put out a call for everyone in the country to think how they could help people in need.

We have seen so many heartwarming stories of neighbours helping each other with shopping, families taking in elder members, people asking after the vulnerable and a real feeling of togetherness in Britain.

We asked to hear how you have been helping, donating and volunteering throughout the coronavirus lockdown - here are some of the best responses...

Police warned against 'over-zealous' use of coronavirus lockdown powers

The police have been warned not to be 'over zealous' when it comes to enforcing the coronavirus lockdown rules.

The force is facing allegations of overreaching in its use of the lockdown powers including fining people £60 for buying items deemed 'non-essential' or for going out for a drive to kill time.

Amid the criticism, Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Neil Basu says officers should be protecting the public but at the same time not go over the top on social distancing rules.

Mr Basu also urged the public not to judge officers too harshly in their application of the powers.

Government launches £75m airline partnership to get Brits home

The government is working with commercial airlines to get stranded Britons back home as soon as possible.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the government is launching a partnership with commercial airlines to help British travellers return home.

Raab confirmed the government has set aside £75million to get hundreds of thousands of citizens home.

The government will provide the financial support for special charter flights to get British travellers home.

World's oldest man celebrates 112th birthday in isolation

The world's oldest man, Briton Bob Weighton, celebrated his 112th birthday in isolation yesterday.

Bob joined Piers and Lorraine on GMB today via webcam to reveal some of the secrets of living to the grand old age of 112.

The supercentenarian said that, due to being in isolation, there were no major celebrations for his 112th birthday but that is exactly the way he likes it.

When asked what celebrations were held for another milestone birthday Bob said: "Nothing. There were telephone calls from my family, yes. I enjoyed it that way."