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Lisa Nandy: "We've got a government actively doing harm to its own citizens."

The Shadow Foreign Secretary revealed what happened in the discussions before Manchester was forced into a Tier 3 lockdown from Friday.

Boris Johnson confirms Greater Manchester will move into Tier 3 restrictions

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham held his own press conference where he explained that the government walked away from talks

US presidential election 2020: What are the key dates and when will the results be announced? All you need to know

The race is on to determine who will be the next President of the United States of America

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Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham on the government's midday deadline - 'I don’t think they should be imposing or dictating in this way'

Mr Burnham tells Kate Garraway and Ranvir Singh that he has never said he wouldn't accept Tier 3.

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What is 'Long Covid' and what are the symptoms? Dr Hilary explains all

The condition appears to be affecting people of all ages

London to move into Tier 2 Covid restrictions from midnight on Friday

The new restrictions include a ban on people from different households mixing indoors at home or in a public place.

Richard Arnold's Armchair Guide - October 16

From the biggest diva in Essex to a million pound giveaway you will not be disappointed with this wee's

Watch: The guests from all sides of politics who have called for the government to end its boycott of GMB

Including the likes of Keir Starmer, Nicola Sturgeon, Gordon Brown, Angela Rayner, Iain Duncan Smith, Andrew Neil and Carl Bernstein

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Do we need a circuit breaker?

A panel of experts discuss whether a circuit breaker is the best solution to keep the virus under control

Dr Hilary Jones says the 'rule of six' is "too many"

Piers, Susanna and Dr Hilary reacted to the government's latest three-tier lockdown system.

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"Distrust in politicians originated from the Iraq war." - David Dimbleby

The broadcaster said the pandemic and the US has had a critical impact on how politicians are trusted nowadays.

Boris Johnson announces three-tier lockdown system - All the details

The Prime Minister gave a speech in the Commons where he outlined his latest plans

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Tom Bower on Boris Johnson - 'His weakness is that he doesn't understand how to run Downing Street'

The author of Boris Johnson: The Gambler shares his thoughts about the Prime Minister.

Richard Arnold's Armchair Guide - October 9

Richard Arnold's weekly guide of the very best of TV.

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Scottish Deputy First Minister on Scotland's latest lockdown restrictions

John Swinney MSP says "if the virus continues to spread, by the end of October we’ll be back to the levels we had in March"

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Dr Hilary Jones on herd immunity - 'We don't know enough about the virus yet to say there are no long-term effects'

Dr Hilary reacts to calls for a herd immunity approach to the pandemic.

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Should Boris Johnson resign or should he be given more credit?

Professor John Ashton, John Bercow and Edwina Currie debate the issue with Piers and Susanna.

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Sons stopped from comforting their mum at their dad's funeral recall 'heartbreaking' experience

Craig and Paul Bicknell, who were in a bubble with their mum, moved their chairs to be closer to her.

Richard Arnold's Armchair Guide - October 2

Richard Arnold is back with the best on the box!

How The Prince’s Trust has inspired a group of incredibly talented youngsters

Meet a group of resilient young people who have been supported by The Prince’s Trust.

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