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Domestic violence overhaul promises more action for victims

The government has launched long-awaited domestic violence legislation to provide more support and services for domestic violence victims, and has put forward measures to the definition of domestic abuse to include non-violent, toxic behaviour.

“Home should be a place of safety and love, but for two million people that is not the case,” Crime Minister Victoria Atkins told Good Morning Britain.

“The purpose of this bill is to define domestic abuse really clearly… because we know from speaking to victims and survivors, that very often if there is any violence, there is a whole pattern of behaviour leading up to the violence.”

As a part of this new legislation, the government will implement:

Confused about Brexit? Ask Ranvir!

After Theresa May losing the meaningful vote and winning the vote of no confidence, what's next for the UK? Where do we go from here?

Good Morning Britain's Political Editor Ranvir Singh invited viewers to ask any burning questions they had about Brexit.

Watch the video above.

Brace yourselves for snow

There is a chill in the air after an arctic plunge of air swept the country. Showers could spread across the country, temperatures have dropped creating frost - and temperatures of -3 or -4 degrees can be expected in some places.

With the wet conditions settling on cold surfaces it is likely to be icy. Rain, sleet and snow in the Midlands and northern areas of Scotland as well. However, expect to see gorgeous sunshine through the day.

Theresa May wins the vote of no confidence

Theresa May has won the vote of no confidence by 325 votes to 306.

The vote was tabled by Jeremy Corbyn after the crushing defeat of the Prime Minister's Brexit deal on Tuesday.

After surviving the vote, May isn't going to waste any time and said she wants to start talks with the opposition leaders as soon as possible on an alternative Brexit plan.

The result means the government and country will carry on as usual, there will be no General Election and Theresa May will head back to Brussels to continue with the Brexit negotiations.

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