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56% want a second referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU

According to a poll by Good Morning Britain, 56% of people want a second referendum on the UK’s EU membership. Over 165,000 people voted in the Twitter poll, sparking fierce debate between Brexiteers and Remainers.

In 2016, the nation voted 52 - 48 to leave the EU. Now, after two and a half years of tense negotiations, Prime Minister Theresa May is under fire for her controversial Brexit deal.

It has resulted in a slew of resignations from her government, as well as members of her own party lobbying for a no confidence vote against her - all within one week.

In a fiery exchange on Good Morning Britain this morning, Brexiteers John Redwood MP and entrepreneur Richard Tice went head-to-head with Remainers Lord Andrew Adonis and New European editor Matt Kelly.

Kelly hit out at the May government for being “possibly the single worst set of politicians we’ve had post-war.”

“There’s a lot of doubt about whether Britain [stands] behind this deal,” he said.

Lord Adonis said the public were kept in the dark about the details of the deal until last week, and they deserve to have a say on these new conditions.

“Now we’ve got those those terms, the right thing, the democratic thing, is to put those to the British people, and the options should be very clear: the Prime Minister’s deal or remain in the EU,” he said.

Richard Tice (left) and Lord Andrew Adonis (right) go head-to-head. Credit: GMB

Tice lashed out at the Remainers: “How many votes do you want before you realise that actually, you lost? Get over it. Support the country.”

He was backed by Redwood, who said, “We voted for out, we knew exactly what we were voting for, and it’s insulting to say 17.4 million people were too stupid to know what ‘out’ looked like and now want to change their minds."

Deal Or No Deal

The Prime Minister has made it clear that it will be her deal or no deal at all, prompting outcry from both sides of politics.

On Good Morning Britain, Tice called it “genuinely the worst deal in history.”

“She putting the whole country in a straitjacket and giving the keys and the padlock to the European Union,” he said.

“We have no legal obligation to pay a single penny, and yet we have agreed to pay £39 billion for nothing.”

Credit: PA Images

Under May’s plan, the UK will be slapped with a £39 billion ‘divorce bill’, and this has become one of the contentious aspects of her deal.

With a fast-approaching 29th March deadline for Britain to depart the EU, both Redwood and Tice suggested May should either go with no deal, or renegotiate the terms.

“Go to Brussels and say she cannot conceivably get this one-sided and dreadful withdrawal agreement through the House of Commons; they’ve got to sit down and think again if they want to salvage something,” said Redwood.

Tice said, “We need to renegotiate, we need to start again because we can do so much better with a proper negotiator team of believers.”

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