Martin Lewis

Fast-talking Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, is officially the most Googled British man. A broadcaster and campaigning specialised journalist who is the founder and Editor of, the UK’s biggest money website, which has over 14 million monthly unique users and over 9 million get his weekly e-mail.

He’s been named Citizens Advice Consumer Champion, has spearheaded major financial justice campaigns including bank charges reclaiming (over 6 million template letters downloaded) and PPI reclaiming (over 5 million) and a successful large scale campaign to get financial education on the national curriculum, which now starts in Sept 2015. As well as appearing on Good Morning Britain, he has his own prime time ITV - The Martin Lewis Money Show.

Martin is married to Mrs MSE (aka Lara Lewington technology reporter) and father of Baby MSE (aka Sapphire). His average Scrabble score is over 410 points, and his average round of golf sadly isn’t far off that either.

One little know fact is Martin has had a top 40 hit. He got a featuring credit in I fought the Lloyds by Oystar, the bank charges protest song, back in 2007.

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