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'She was an incredibly charitable person' - Andrew Strauss on keeping his wife's legacy alive

Former England Captain Sir Andrew Strauss wants cricket fans to wear red whilst they watch the third test against the West Indies to raise awareness for the Ruth Strauss Foundation.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Andrew told Adil Ray and Ranvir Singh that he wants to continue his late wife's legacy by helping people who are going through a tough time.

"This test match is another opportunity. She was an incredibly charitable person. She had incredible empathy for people and that’s what we’re trying to keep alive with the Foundation and that feeling of doing everything we can to help people going through a really tough time in their lives as well," he said.

During the interview, Andrew recalled how Ruth helped prepare the family following her lung cancer diagnosis.

"We knew that Ruth was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer so at some stage she was going to succumb to it and you have that horrible thing to go through. On the one hand, you’re trying to focus on every day and make the most of it and on the other, you’re trying to prepare yourself for the inevitability of Ruth’s death," he said.

"I’m just so grateful that Ruth was courageous and brave enough to say, ‘listen we have to prepare ourselves for this and that means we need to go and get some professional help You and I need to talk it through and by doing so and getting that help, we can really shepherd the boys through this incredibly tough time in their lives as well'."

"So with that help and support network, that made it easier for us as we were going through that. It really made it easier for Ruth. When her final days came, she was at peace. She knew the boys and I were prepared and looked after. I think that gave us the best chance of dealing with that situation and no one ever wants to go through that, it’s the hardest thing for any parent to go through."

Sharing an update about his sons, Andrew said: "They’re going really well. It is a new life for us. Those foundations we had in place, we’ve had to rebuild them. But they’re positive and energetic. They’re loving school and their mates so on a day to day basis, life carries on for them."

"Obviously there are times. It was Luca’s birthday a week or so ago where it hits home that his mum is not there and those are always tough times. But those tough times are good times because it obviously gives us the opportunity to remember Ruth and what she stood for," he added.

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