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Will Christmas bubbles increase the risk of spreading coronavirus and a January lockdown?

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham both appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss the government's decision to allow families to mix at Christmas.

Up to three households will be allowed to mix for five days across the Christmas holidays - but will it increase the spread of coronavirus and will it lead to a January lockdown?

Boris Johnson agreed the plan with the devolved leaders to ensure a UK-wide approach to the relaxation over Christmas.

Piers Morgan asked Welsh FM Mr Drakeford whether the measures make public health sense.

He responded: "It's not a matter of encouraging people. IT's finding a set of rules that give us a guided way to Christmas. Without the rules that we've agreed I think the risk was very high that people would simply make up the rules for themselves.

"The way people behave inside their own homes is far less visible. I wasn't willing to contemplate a Christmas with police knocking on people's doors checking they're following the rules."

However, Burnham said the new measures 'allow too much risk'.

"It's allowing too much. It's a green light and what's the price people will have to pay?" He said. "A December in a pretty miserable tier three for many people and then possibly a January in tier three. It's too much, I don't think the government has got the balance right here.

"I would say allow two households to mix for just a couple of days or just on Christmas Day. I would take a much more balanced approach to this."

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