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Are John Lewis' genderless clothing labels 'political correctness' gone too far?

Can we call it John Lewis anymore, or does it have to be Joan Lewis?

Piers Morgan

John Lewis has become the first retailer to remove the 'boys' and 'girls' labels on children's clothes and in stores.

The UK retailer's own-branded clothing will now be genderless and read 'girls and boys' - but is this a step too far?

Well Piers Morgan, who's never too shy to weigh in on a gender neutral debate, said it was "political correctness gone completely and utterly insane".

Plus our Good Morning Britain viewers supported Piers' beliefs in a poll we ran this morning, which revealed 85% of people disagreeing with John Lewis' decision to remove 'boys' and 'girls' tags.

To help us with the debate we were joined by Cheryl Rickman, who's campaign work led to John Lewis removing its labels, and broadcaster Caroline Farrow who thinks genderless labels are unfair on children.

We couldn't think of a better topic for Piers to stick his teeth into upon his GMB return and he didn't hold back...

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