Best cities for dogs to live in revealed

A new study by has revealed which of the UK's 25 major cities has the best quality of life for man's best friend.

According to the research, Newcastle is the most dog-friendly city in the UK, with the city ranking highly across most factors, with excellent air quality, expanses of green space and a tidy environment with low litter levels.

Second place goes to pup-friendly Preston, which boasts the highest number of dogs per capita. It’s been praised for offering plenty of opportunities for doggy socialising, as well as vast areas of good quality local parks.

London ranks number 21 out of 25 with poor air quality and traffic congestion.

Middlesbrough wins most dog-friendly pubs per capita, followed by London and Nottingham.

Top 10 cities for dogs:

  • Newcastle

  • Preston

  • Bournemouth

  • Plymouth

  • Manchester

  • Brighton

  • Leeds

  • Nottingham

  • Bristol

  • Southend-on-Sea

Each city is ranked based on the amount of green space, the number of dog-friendly parks, and pollution levels.

Stephanie Wenban, vet and dog wellbeing expert said: “The UK is known as a nation of animal lovers and increasingly we are seeing more dog-positive changes to our lifestyles.

“The benefits of pet parenting are well documented, including reducing stress levels, encouraging us to exercise and improving sociability.

“Perhaps it is no surprise we are seeing a move towards more dog-friendly cities - but we have found in this research that location really does matter!”

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