Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar can see a 'pathway to a possible deal'

Brexit talks will resume in Brussels today as the first signs of a possible breakthrough in the negotiations begin to surface.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Irish counterpart Leo Varadkar agreed they could see a "pathway to a possible deal" by the end of October.

Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar

The pair met in a country house in the north-west of England for a three-hour chat. Afterwards, Leo said his meeting with the British PM went extremely well: "I had a very good meeting today with the Prime Minister. Very positive and very promising. I am now absolutely convinced that Ireland and Britain want there to be an agreement."

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay now will hold key talks with the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier on Friday as the chance of a breakthrough on securing a withdrawal deal has increased.

Little is known about the details of their agreement at this stage, but Varadkar is not the only person who needs to be convinced in this process - Mr. Barnier will want to know how the proposals will work and if the ‘pathway’ is clear of any obstacles.

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