Brexit deal hangs in the balance

Late-night Brexit talks have failed to deliver a deal. The Prime Minister is under pressure to deliver a deal in time for today’s crucial EU summit in Brussels

Boris Johnson is trying to get the DUP to support his revised plan for Northern Ireland, but they recently announced that they can not back a proposed deal as it currently stands.

As well as the DUP being a potential stumbling block in the agreement process, there are still waring sides in his own party that Mr. Johnson needs to convince.

Tory rebel Philip Hammond MP said: “Boris Johnson is finding out, as his predecessor did, how difficult it is navigating the different objectives and red lines of the British political scene and the European Union.”

Andrew Bridgen MP stressed the importance of having the DUP onside, he said: “This is a treaty, it won’t be able to be easily undone… I think we need to carry the DUP with us, if we can’t, I think that’s going to be a major problem on Saturday.”