Captain Sir Tom Moore is knighted by the Queen

Captain Sir Tom Moore has been knighted by the Queen.

The war veteran received the knighthood in recognition of his astounding fundraising efforts after he raised almost £33 million for the NHS by walking laps of his garden.

The informal ceremony took place in the quadrangle of Windsor Castle and Captain Sir Tom Moore was joined by his family, including his daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore, son-in-law Colin Ingram, grandson Benji and granddaughter Georgia.

ITV News' Royal Editor Chris Ship captured the special moment.

The Queen spent around five minutes talking to the war veteran and his family and according to reports, she thanked him for the "amazing amount of money" he raised.

Following the ceremony, Captain Sir Tom Moore said: "I am absolutely overawed, this is such a high award and to get it from Her Majesty as well – what more can anyone wish for? This has been an absolutely magnificent day for me.”

Captain Sir Tom Moore

However, when he was asked to reveal the details of the conversation he had with the Queen, the war veteran said: "No. That’s between the Queen and I. I don’t think I’ll tell anybody what she said, it was just the Queen and I speaking privately and it was a great honour for me to be able to speak to her at all."

Reflecting on the journey that has taken him from local fundraiser to a knighthood he said: “When you think that about four months ago I was just Tom Moore, now I’m Sir Tom Moore, no one could ever have believed that, in that time it would happen to me. I’ve been really honoured that this should happen and I’m thrilled that it did happen, and thank you everyone who subscribed to the fund – I really appreciate it and thank you all very much."