Domestic abuse victim urges others to use Clare's Law

The man I had been spending my time with actually wasn’t who I thought he was

Kirby Weegram

A young woman who was beaten so severely by her boyfriend she begged him to let her write a goodbye letter to her family has told Good Morning Britain why she backs Clare's Law, which enables people to check whether their partner has a criminal record of domestic abuse.

Kirby Weegram suffered severe bruising on every single part of her body after she was brutally kicked and punched by the man she had been seeing for only ten weeks. He was later convicted for ABH and jailed for 21 months.

She says if she had known she could access information about him via Clare's Law, she would have checked his background. But after it was too late she found he had an extensive history of abuse, with many victims.

Now Kirby is urging others who have even a slightest suspicion to use the law to check that they're not with someone with a dangerous past.

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