Colonel Tom Moore pays tribute to the people of Britain on turning 100

On his 100th birthday, Colonel Tom Moore, who has raised over £30 million for the NHS by walking 100 lengths of his garden, appeared on Good Morning Britain today.

Following video footage of an RAF flypast flying over his Bedfordshire home marking his special birthday at 8.20am today, Tom - who was promoted to an honorary Colonel by Her Majesty the Queen for his special birthday - spoke to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid about his amazing accomplishment.

On being promoted to Colonel, he said: “I’ve gone up a rank in one day!”

When asked how he felt about raising almost £30 million, Colonel Tom said: “It’s amazing isn’t it? We started off with such a little figure and we did that with hope and look what we’ve got today, such a fabulous sum for the NHS… It’s difficult to say how I feel about it because it’s such a magnificent thing these people have done throughout the world to provide this sum of money.”

On seeing the planes, Colonel said: “When I saw the planes the first time in 1939, they were flying in anger, but today they were flying in peace and that makes all the difference. The RAF are still doing a magnificent job of moving various things along for the National Health Service.”

He added: “To all the people of Britain, thank you very, very much. It just shows what a marvellous country we are… We all know we’re going to pull through. It may be difficult, it may take time but we will win through in the end.”