Colonel Tom Moore to receive a knighthood from the Queen after raising over £32 million for the NHS

Colonel Tom Moore will be knighted by the Queen following a special nomination from the Prime Minister.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, the war veteran told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that he is "absolutely thrilled" to be awarded a knighthood.

When Piers Morgan congratulated him, who has raised over £32 million for the NHS, on his prestigious award, Colonel Tom said: "Thank you very much, delighted to hear from you. If you remember, you said I’m getting knighthood and I said, ‘Never in this world would I do that’ and I think you thought maybe you should put some money on it and I said, ‘Don’t put much’ and that was the wrong thing, wasn’t it?’"

"I am absolutely thrilled her Majesty has decided - or chosen little me. It really is a great honour and something I never, ever anticipated. I never believed this would happen to me. The Queen is so gracious that she’s bestowed this honour on me, I’m totally thrilled as it never entered my head something like that would happen to me," he added.

Responding to Piers' statement that he has been a "beacon of hope" to people, the war veteran said: "Thank you very much for those kind remarks. I really am thrilled and I do appreciate all the kind thoughts that so many people have made about me being knighthood. I am absolutely thrilled. I never, ever have believed that would happen to me, but it has. So I thank everyone concerned throughout the country. Thank you very, very much. I do appreciate it and I’m delighted. Thank you."

Tom’s daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, added: “It’s just simply extraordinary. Of course we never even entered into the discussion. It was just amazing for people to believe that he should be knighted."

"We quietly hoped and believed it too. For this to happen, we’re simply thrilled for him. We’ve been practicing our curtseying, we’re not doing very well. My husband even offered to polish his shoes this morning! We’re doing our very best to make sure we’re acting accordingly," she added.

Piers then asked Tom what he would say to Her Majesty and Tom replied: "A discussion between me and the Queen will have to be kept secret!"

And on Britain coming out of the coronavirus crisis, Tom said: "After the storm, there will be a golden sky and I think you’ve got to look forwards to the fact that things will get better and we’ll have a lovely, golden sky and we’ll hear the larks singing again beautifully."