The mother of Charlie Gard makes an appeal to Theresa May

I think parents know their children and I think parents' voices need to be taken into account

Connie Yates

It’s the heartbreaking story that has attracted attention from millions of people around the world.

The Charlie Gard case has seen powerful figures such as Donald Trump and Pope Francis offer their support to the terminally ill baby, after judges refused to let him be taken to the US for treatment.

Charlie's mother Connie Yates joined us this morning and said there is further scientific research that proves the experimental treatment can work for her terminally ill baby.

Connie told Good Morning Britain the family has the support from five doctors for the use of the US treatment. She said: "I’ve heard from the doctors that there’s around a 10 per cent chance of this working for Charlie, so I think that’s a good enough chance".

Watch the full interview above

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