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'Coronavirus felt like I had razors in my throat' - Matt Hancock promises 100,000 tests a day

Matt Hancock reaffirmed his promise to deliver 100,000 coronavirus tests a day by the end of this month.

The Health Secretary confirmed the government has pledged to test 100,000 people a day by the end of April but first it needs to validate the legitimacy of the tests.

Hancock repeated the phrase heard from several government ministers that 'no test is better than a bad test'.

He said that he has already had to refuse to purchase a number of tests because they have failed to pass regulations for accuracy.

Hancock said coronavirus had left him feeling as if he had swallowed razors as his body fought against the disease.

He added he was unable to eat, drink or sleep properly for 'two days or so' owing to the impact Covid-19 had on him.

"The worst bit was on the way down, worrying how bad it would get because we've all seen how bad it can get and it seems to be indiscriminate."

He said he had also suffered a "bit of a cough" and lost half a stone in weight.

The Health Secretary tested positive for Covid-19 last week just hours after Boris Johnson announced he too had the disease.

Hancock came out of self-isolation yesterday but the prime minister is thought to still be self-isolating as he is still suffering from mild symptoms.

Describing his own experience as "pretty nasty", he told Good Morning Britain: "I had two days or so when it was like just razors in your throat, a very, very sore throat. I couldn't eat and I couldn't drink.

Hancock said the government is considering introducing immunity cards for those who have tested positive for Covid-19, recovered and developed the antibodies to fight the infection.

However, the Health Minister insisted this policy would not go forward until the science behind the idea of immunity is rock solid.

Hancock was able to briefly raise a smile as a passing heckler unusually complimented him for his handling of the situation.

The passer-by shouted: "Matt Hancock is great."

You can watch below.

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