Covid-19 survivor receives applause as he leaves hospital - days after losing his father to the virus

Hylton Murray-Philipson lost his father to Covid-19 while he himself was in hospital on a ventilator fighting the virus.

Hylton was taken to the hospital just one day after he lost his father to the same virus, while his mother and sister were hospitalized just days later.

The 61-year-old was able to attend his fathers funeral, but only via video link.

Hylton said it was "a very traumatic time for all of us. Who would have imagined that when my father died not one single member of my family would be at the graveside when he was buried? But that’s the way it was.”

“Thanks to modern technology, a very kind friend in the village organised a video to be taken, so even though we as a family were very fragmented at the time, we were very together because we were all conscious of the time on the clock and we were all praying and thinking and accompanying the priest as he said prayers by the graveside."

"Our priest was very kind actually, coming out and performing the service for us. We were all together, even though separate and it was a very beautiful moment with the birds twittering in the background.”

Hylton remained positive throughout the experience and after defeating the virus, he received a standing ovation from the doctors and nurses that had saved his life.

"It felt absolutely astonishing. I had a very emotional ride. I guess I was leading up to that moment leaving the hospital. Every little thing had become increasingly wonderful and exciting, my first piece of toast and marmalade for example is a very, very happy memory.”

The doctors asked if they could video him when he left: “When it actually happened I was taken by surprise, it was so joyful for me of course, as well as everybody else lining the corridor.”

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