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David Beckham is putting his family first

I've got four kids to keep me busy!

David Beckham

David Beckham's a fashion icon, family man, football legend and now a rising Hollywood star.

The former football ace is tipped to be the next James Bond after his recent forays into acting, including his new short film Outlaws.

But he's told Good Morning Britain why he's putting his family first.

''I've got four kids to keep me busy!'' he told Susanna Reid.

In a recent interview, Victoria joked about feeling a “dagger in the heart” when their daughter Harper announced she wanted to be a footballer.

But Becks said he's happy she's a fan of his much-loved game.

“It was the best thing I’d ever heard I think,'' he said.

“Victoria is like, ‘please, we’ve got four children, three of them are boys and all love football. Please just let me have one that kind of wants to dress like me or wear high heels’ and actually Harper is amazing, she runs in the high heels so she's definitely got that from Victoria.”

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