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Pen pal of serial killer Dennis 'Des' Nilsen reveals all about friendship with notorious murderer

Pen pal and friend of Dennis Nilsen Andrea Kubinova spoke to today’s Good Morning Britain of their letters, friendship and keeping his glasses.  

Speaking live from the Czech Republic Andrea said of how their friendship began: “I used to collect signatures, eventually got all the big names and it just was the thrill, if you will. At the time a friend gave me a real crime book and I came across this name. I found it very intriguing; the motivation, the loneliness, it all felt intriguing. Plus his love of animals was something that stood out compared to all the other killers.

“I was very nervous, I had nothing interesting to say, to be honest. I’m just ordinary. But I can draw. So I used it. I drew a picture of his dog Bleep and enclosed it to the letter.”

Of meeting him and calling him a friend she said: “Frankly, I’m not entirely sure how it happened. I received the first response from him which I didn’t expect.

“I did write back and it all happened from there. We just started exchanging letters. I opened up, he opened up, as much as he legally could.”

Of whether she thinks about his victims and their families: “Course I do. I did watch the documentary yesterday. It was heart-breaking seeing all of those people speaking about their loved ones. It was difficult.”

Asked what Nilsen was like in real life, she said: “Ordinary, he came across as a normal old man. He was a bit annoyed because I was late for a visit. But afterwards he could see I was nervous and he did everything he could to make me feel comfortable – joking around, he was laughing. He was just friendly. He came across as a nice person. I know it’s odd in the context, but yeah he was.”

Speaking of David Tennant’s portrayal in ITV drama Des, she said: “It was like seeing a ghost, it was brilliant. Absolutely stunning.”

And asked if it’s true she still has Nilsen’s glasses and how some people would find that creepy, she said: “Yes, I have them right here. The glasses. You have to think about it as a normal friendship, forget about all those killings, forget about the profanity of those crimes. To me he was just a friend. Is it not normal to have a memory of a friend who passed away?” 

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