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Diane Abbott: 'I've received death and rape threats'

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Diane Abbott MP

After the shocking murder of MP and mum of two Jo Cox last week, GMB speaks to Diane Abbott about her own safety concerns, with the Hackney MP revealing that she has received death and rape threats.

She tells us of how the concerns are particularly strong in women MPs as they face misogyny online - a worrying trend she says is more apparent now than it was when she first entered politics 20 years ago.

Meanwhile, MP for Brent South Dawn Butler, who was a friend and colleague of Jo's, told us of her grief over the murder and of how she has a panic button installed in case she's ever attacked.

MPs will return to Westminster today to pay tribute to Jo after EU referendum campaigns on both sides were halted out of respect.

Thomas Mair, 52, has been charged with murder, possession of a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence and possession of a knife.

He is also charged with grievous bodily harm against 77-year-old Bernard Kenny who was injured after coming to Mrs Cox's aid and remains in hospital.

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