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"Distrust in politicians originated from the Iraq war." - David Dimbleby

David Dimbleby told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that the current distrust in politicians on both sides of the Atlantic "originated from the Iraq war".

The longstanding political broadcaster said that during such a critical time, with a global pandemic and one of the most controversial US Elections of our times, Boris Johnson has "never been totally trusted" by the British public.

On how the pandemic should be handled when it comes to the elderly, the 81-year-old said he doesn't think his generation should be sacrificed but he's sad for young people, students and people in desperate situations that have had their lives badly impacted.

Dimbleby called Piers a "fearsome fellow" as a reason for why the government have boycotted GMB for 168 days, he also agreed that it was a dereliction of their duty to not answer questions.

Speaking about how politicians are received by the public nowadays he said: "It was a weird time with [Tony] Blair and [George} Bush when we want to war with Iraq with millions of people against it and somehow we got landed in it.

"There's a huge distrust now in politicians and it has its origins in what happened during the Iraq war. For the first time on a major scale the country turned out to be deceived about the reasons for the war.

"Back then is when we began to get this feeling that we don't trust our politicians and I think Boris Johnson has been landed with that from the start... He's never really been totally trusted."

Speaking about how the elderly should be treated during the pandemic he said: "I think the idea that in some way the young should behave in a way to protect us is insidious. I can't bear the sight of those students locked up in their halls of residence.

"I don't think my generation should be sacrificed. I feel grateful that people think we ought to survive."

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