Do we need a circuit breaker?

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and the government's scientific advisory group SAGE have called for a two week circuit-breaker national lockdown to get control of rising coronavirus infections - but does the country need it?

On Monday, Boris Johnson announced a new three-tier lockdown system for England which puts different regions into varying levels of restrictions but Starmer and SAGE have said that isn't enough.

On today's GMB a panel of scientists discussed whether a national circuit breaker is necessary.

Dr Gabriel Scally agreed with SAGE and said it was very "unusual" for a government that says it is following the science not to follow the science when it comes to a short national lockdown.

Professor Devi Sridhar argued that a short national lockdown would be effective in delaying or reducing the spread of the virus while the government can focus on delivering a functioning test and trace system.

Professor Angus Dalgleish does not think the lockdown strategy is the way to get out of this and argued the negative impact of a second national lockdown on the economy and young people outweighs the possible benefits.

Watch the whole debate above.