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Does fat shaming work? Piers Morgan says it's the only way he'll shed the lockdown pounds

According to Piers Morgan there are two types of people in this world, those who used lockdown to get seriously fit and those who put on a few extra pounds during the pandemic.

If you ask Piers' friend and cricket legend Kevin Pietersen, the Good Morning Britain presenter falls into the the second category.

But as Piers said on the show, in response to Pietersen's tweet below, being called fat is the only way he will be shamed into losing weight.

However, Susanna Reid firmly disagreed with Piers, saying that throwing insults at people who could be overweight for all sorts of reasons would not help solve Britain's obesity problem.

After suffering an ankle injury during lockdown Piers estimated he had put on around half a stone while Susanna thought she had added a stone.

"I need to be shamed into getting it off," Piers said.

Susanna joked: "Yes you fat person, lose the weight. It's about time chubster."

To prove his point Piers agreed with Susanna saying: "That will genuinely have the right affect on me. I will go back today and I will probably eat a little less cheese, put the second bottle away and try and get and back on the Peloton because I think we all need to be shamed about this."

While Susanna suggested scrapping the insults in favour of sensible advice to get people to lose weight Piers responded in typical fashion: "Stop chunking up at fatso and stop eating so many cakes, that's what you need to be told.

"You need friends like Kevin Pietersen to say 'you are looking fat'."

Piers and Susanna back in the studio, arguing about fat-shaming. All must be well in the world.

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