'Everything is up for negotiation': Donald Trump addresses NHS in UK trade deal

Donald Trump has said ‘everything is up for negotiation’ if the US were to make a trade deal with the UK after Brexit but he doesn’t see it ‘being on the table’.

In an exclusive 30 minute interview, Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan asked President Donald Trump whether the NHS would be part of a post-Brexit trade deal between the USA and UK.

Pressed on the topic of the NHS, Piers asked: “No leader, no leader it seems to me, would allow Britain to effectively sell the NHS as part of a trade deal. Would you as the American President see that as ‘deal breaker’ if none of the NHS was on the table?”

The which the President replied: “I don’t see it being on the table. Somebody asked me a question today and I say everything is up for negotiation because everything is. But I don’t see that as being, something that I would not consider part of the trade. That’s not trade.”

Trump was also quizzed on whether he could see himself doing a trade deal with Jeremy Corbyn if he became Prime Minister, after he declined to meet the Labour leader during his trip to the UK.

donald trump
Donald Trump says he doesn't think Jeremy Corbyn will be Prime Minister Credit: ITV

Asked by Piers, ‘could you imagine actually doing a trade deal with Britain, with someone like Jeremy Corbyn as a leader?’.

Trump replied: “It’s always possible. Anything is possible.”

Speaking on the leader of the opposition, Trump added: “I don’t know him. He wanted to meet, it was very tough to meet and probably inappropriate, to be honest with you.

“A lot of things are happening right now with respect to our country and your country, my country… it’s really a tremendous relationship.

“So, I didn’t think it was appropriate to meet him, but I would. I certainly would have no problem with it.”