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Dr Hilary Jones on reports that Covid-19 vaccine could be approved by the end of the year - 'The news is promising'

Dr Hilary Jones has shared his thoughts on the reports a Covid-19 vaccine could be approved by the end of the year.

Responding to the claims made by Dr Anthony Fauci as hopes of a vaccine to fight Covid-19 rise, Dr Hilary told Charlotte Hawkins and Adil Ray that the outlook is "promising."

"There are about 200 vaccines globally that are under development - two really promising ones - one in the States and one here from the Oxford group and it looks as though those trials are going to be completed fairly soon," he explained.

"We will have published data eventually on their safety and efficacy but they are looking very promising."

Explaining that some NHS Trusts have already begun to inform their staff of the possibility of having the vaccine, Dr Hilary continued: "Everyone is being increasingly optimistic about this and some NHS trusts have sent messages to the staff saying be ready to have your two doses 28 days apart, perhaps in December or in early January. That gives reasons to raise hopes. We just need final approval.

"There are talks about approving the vaccine even before we get to the end of the Brexit negotiations period so that it would get approval without EU approval so that would be a first but of course, in a pandemic situation, that’s something you need to do," he added.

However, the general population may have to wait a little longer for the vaccine.

"For everybody else, other than health care workers and high-risk patients, it might be early Spring maybe even summer before everybody who is eligible can get a vaccine. We still need to know how effective it is. Is it 50% efficacy? That would still be worth having for those particularly vulnerable groups but let’s wait and see. Certainly, the news is promising." 

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