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Dr Hilary: How to wash your hands to prevent transmission of coronavirus

As the government advises the country to avoid public gatherings and to self isolate as much as possible, washing your hands remains the most effective way to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The advice of medical professionals is to wash your hands as often as possible and to sanitise with either alcohol wipes or hand sanitiser.

Our resident doctor Hilary Jones explains that regular hand washing is effective when it comes to preventing infection and transmission of the virus - but it must be done properly.

Dr. Hilary says: "A lot of people are asking what is best way to wash yours hands. We know why we need to wash our hands, to get rid of the virus but also to help destroy the virus.

"The detergent in soap helps to destroy the oily layer on the surface of the virus and you are also washing it away.

"How do you do it properly? First of all apply plenty of soap onto your hands, enough to cover your hands effectively.

"Rub your palms together to start with and then the backs of the hands with the other palm. Interlock the fingers, then the fingernail area in the other palm, both sides of course.

"Then the thumbs, rotational and up and down on either thumb.

"Then you wash the soap off, remember you have to wash for 20 seconds minimum. Wash the soap off, take a hand towel and dry your hands thoroughly. Then you use the towel to switch the tap off so you don’t touch the tap again, then dispose of the tissue.

"If you do that a few times you will never do it badly again.

"Get the right technique and you will keep safer."

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