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Dr Hilary: Is the government doing enough testing for coronavirus?

The latest advice from the World Health Organisation is that vigorous testing is the only way for countries to get control of the coronavirus pandemic.

Boris Johnson has announced that the British government is going to be ramping up its testing programme.

There are plans to test 25,000 people a day at the peak - but is that enough?

However, there have also been reports of private labs offering testing for those who can afford it, at a cost of £375 per test.

Dr Hilary Jones has explained exactly who should be tested in the UK and when people should be tested.

Dr Hilary said: "Testing for coronavirus is there to help people in intensive care units, patients coming in to hospital with respiratory infections, people who work and live in care homes and we need them for front line health care professionals: doctors, nurses, cleaners, people working in the hospital environment.

"We are already testing around 8000 people a day.

"We need to ramp that up and the government has promised to ramp it up to 25,000 a day as soon as we possibly can.

"With that information we’ll know whether people can stay at work without harming patients and whether they need to isolate if they do have the virus.

"So we won’t get people tested at home with symptoms because we simply don’t have enough tests for the entire population. But we need those tests for those who really need it."

Coronavirus advice:

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