Dr Hilary Jones says the 'rule of six' is "too many"

After Boris Johnson announced a new three-tier lockdown system for England, Dr Hilary Jones MBE said on GMB that he believes the 'rule of six' is too many.

During Johnson's announcement yesterday Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty said that the three-tier system may not be enough to stem the spread of the virus.

GMB's resident health expert, who is now an MBE thanks to his services to public broadcasting and medical practice, said: "I favour what the medical advisers say because that's my calling. Nobody wants to be in lockdown, nobody wants the hairdressers and the pubs shut but actually we are in the middle of a pandemic."

Dr Hilary offered a solution to aid the three-tier system, arguing that the rule of six indoors, where six different households can meet inside, should be reduced to two households and even less in tier three zones.

"The bottom line is it's all about social distancing," he said. "If six different households can meet indoors I've always said that is too many because those six people can disperse and go and meet another five different people an hour later. It doesn't make any sense to me."

Dr Hilary added: "I'm much more in favour of restricting the number of households who can meet indoors to two or even less in tier three and that's what they should be doing in Liverpool."

Finishing with a message to the public he said: "It's harsh and it's difficult but there's no escaping the fact that we're in a pandemic, a very nasty virus, very transmissible, most cases are affecting the 20-29-year-old age group but that is creeping up."