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Dr Hilary Jones shuts down the suggestion of a Christmas lockdown reprieve

Dr Hilary Jones said making Christmas an exception to lockdown restrictions is unrealistic and could lead to a serious spread of coronavirus.

His comments come after the government's scientific advisers told Boris Johnson the second wave could be even worse than the first and the country should go into Tier 3 restrictions by mid-December.

There have been calls to allow people to break the rule of six to allow families to come together over Christmas with the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire having to make an apology after saying in an interview she would break the lockdown restrictions for the big day.

Dr Hilary reminded everyone on Good Morning Britain today that the country is in the worst pandemic for 100 years, there isn't a vaccine that can be relied on right now and everyone needs to stick to hands, face, space.

Our health expert said Christmas cannot be made an exception because it will lead to a severe spread of the pandemic.

"If we make Christmas an exception, unfortunately every little celebration will be an exception," he said. "A birthday will be an exception, a Friday night will be an exception, a promotion will be an exception and if you keep making exceptions to the rules that's how the pandemic spreads - that's the reality of it."

However, there has been a positive development in the treatment of coronavirus patients.

Dr Hilary explained: "We know that rather than put people on ventilators straight away, oxygen therapy is the key thing. Giving people oxygen with machines that are less invasive than ventilators is the way forward, it seems to be saving lives.

"The mortality of people in intensive care isn't as bad as it was in the first wave, however we are seeing a younger population in those beds."

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