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Dr. Hilary: What to do if you have a cold or sore throat

Anyone with any cold or flu-like symptoms has been told to self-isolate for at least seven days by the government.

Although coronavirus symptoms are specific the precautions are in place to prevent anyone spreading the virus further.

So what to do if you have any symptoms that could indicate a cold or flu?

Good Morning Britain's resident medical professional Dr. Hilary Jones says people shouldn't be immediately worried if they get a cold in the current climate.

He says: "The vast majority of the people at the moment don’t have coronavirus. We’ve got several thousand cases in a population of 60 million plus.

"Most people have got the common cold. Most people have got a little cough, maybe a bit of reflux giving them a sore throat, so the chances are that it is something quite innocent.

"However, we don’t know as we are not going to be testing as many people when we are self-isolating.

"So just be careful. If you’ve got symptoms it makes sense to self-isolate for seven days, see how your symptoms go.

"If you feel better after seven days, fantastic. If you’re feeling worse and you feel you can’t cope without help that’s the time to go to NHS 111 online."

Coronavirus advice:

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