Ease your back or joint pain with the ‘Joy of Movement’

If you have back or joint pain then you’re not alone. From sitting still for long periods, hunching over computer screens, sporting injuries and poor posture, there are many lifestyle habits that contribute to muscle and joint pain.

80% of people we surveyed* said that they suffer from some form of back or joint pain which can impact their everyday life.And with many of us working from home more than ever, the team at Voltarol asked if we could find out if you, our viewers, have discovered the ‘Joy of Movement’.

Luke, Veleen and Kate joined Dee Thresher in the studio to discuss their journeys with joint and back pain – and more importantly, how they’re learning to manage it.

Living with pain is frustrating, especially when everyday tasks become more difficult and day-to-day life changes as a result.

Kate started to experience pain in her elbows and knees a few years ago,restricting her movement when carrying out her favourite pastime – gardening.

She discovered that regular gentle movement really benefits her, and uses hearing the theme tune of her favourite TV show as her cue to do her daily stretches. This light way of exercising helps her feel happier and more positive – and she can even walk a little bit further on her daily dog walks.

All around the country, people like Kate are using their TV time to loosen up their muscles and joints – so why not shake it out next time you tune in to your favourite daytime show.

Take steps to enjoy the Joy of Movement with Voltarol.

To find out more about pains and treatments, visit Voltarol Joint Pain Relief 2.32% Gel contains diclofenac diethylammonium. Always read the label.

Please speak to your Dr before starting any new exercise programs.

*80% of 593 over 45’s surveyed in March 2020.