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Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan claims she was 'racially profiled' at Heathrow airport

I should have listened to my mom, gone back home and gotten out of Los Angeles

Lindsay Lohan on her troubled younger years

Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan has claimed she was "racially profiled" for wearing a headscarf at Heathrow airport yesterday.

In an exclusive interview live on GMB Lindsay told us: “You know what’s so interesting to me, when we look back at Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn these old Hollywood actresses They used to cover up the same way".

The actress and tabloid regular also spoke frankly about religion, her partying days, her friendship with "guiding light" and "second mother" Oprah Winfrey (they even meditated on the phone together last night!) and and why she thinks everyone should give Donald Trump a chance.

I lost all my friends because I wasn't fun to them anymore

Lindsay Lohan

Speaking of her 'party girl' persona and new outlook on life since turning 30, she told us: "I found a lot of solace in my life and a lot of peace". She went on to say: " I found what I wanted my intentions to be in the world and what really thrives me and helping other people and focussing on taking control of what I want out of life".

Lindsay then went on to reveal that she often seeks advice from her "second mother" Oprah and described her as a "guiding light".

When speaking of President Trump’s election, and being one of the few celebrities to speak in his favour, Lindsay said: “It’s such a double edged sword because I don’t agree with his policies and the things that he’s doing, but at the end of the day he is the President right now, so what’s the point in picking on someone instead of just seeing what they’re capable of or not capable of?"

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