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EXCLUSIVE: The Markles on royal engagement plus never before seen footage of Meghan

In their first British TV interview, Meghan Markle's family have told Good Morning Britain how they are are feeling about her forthcoming wedding to Prince Harry.

Providing us with never before seen footage of Meghan sharing tender moments with her father and nephew when she was nine, Tracy Dooley, who used to be married to Meghan's half-brother Thomas Jr, told us the engagement is " a fairytale come true".

Never-before-seen footage of Meghan Markle as a nine year old

She spoke to Good Morning Britain alongside her sons - Meghan's nephews, Tyler, 25, and Thomas Dooley, 26 who also told us their memories of their aunt and their relationship with her and the rest of the family today.

On the fact that Prince Harry said the Royals were like the family Meghan Markle ‘never had’, Tyler explained that they didn’t take it personally, explaining: "I didn't take it the way that some other people took it. I mean, it was pretty light-hearted.

“They have a great family, you know, and she is not used to that. So obviously she is not used to it. So I don't think it was negative.

"I don't think anything badly of it. Prince Harry is a great guy, as far as I know of him. And I think it was light-hearted. I don't think it was aimed in a negative light."

"And she had a great family growing up," Tracy added.

With regards to his grandfather - Meghan’s father - staying out of the spotlight, Tyler explained: "It's a big change, you know, going from retirement and going into the national spotlight again. He is reclusive, and he does like his privacy."

"He loves her more than anything in the world and he would do anything for her.

On whether they’re expecting a wedding invite, Tyler concluded: "It's going to be an exclusive event. If they feel like they would like to invite us, we would be honoured. If not, we will still be cheering her on."

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